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Smart web services, electronic services, applications, software solutions and integrations please users - customers, employees, partners. Riihisoft is a business wise and capable partner. We'll help reap the benefits that digitization offers.

Riihisoft is a Finnish software company founded in 2011. The company is specialized on Microsoft based software development technologies. We design and implement the most suitable and customized professional software solutions and other ICT services for your business at a competitive price.

Riihisoft also produces Riihicloud service for enterprise endpoint management based on Microsoft’s cloud technologies (Office 365, Azure AD and Intune). Riihicloud value-added service centrally manages and controls all devices (Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS X), their applications and settings from single and smart Azure portal.

Riihisoft is an industry-independent software service company, whose customers are generally medium-size and large companies. We bring our expertise in technology to help your business and you can concentrate on the core business more efficiently.

Our experts are highly experienced professionals in application development.

Our office is located in "Riihimäki Travel Centre" right next to the train station with versatile transport access.



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Riihisoft is rated as an achiever company.




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